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TSN Started in summer 2016 after John and Jacinta saw a real need for social media management services for SMEs. These businesses needed the expertise to engage their customers effectively on social media. We believe that when we can reflect a business brand and ethos harmoniously with their social media persona, those businesses will embrace a whole new way of engaging with new and existing customers, be it through sales, CRM and errr, getting social!

Jacinta Dempsey – Co-Founder and MD of thesocialnetwork.ie

I have been lucky enough to find the thing that I love and not suck at it. It takes a lot of confidence to go out and start your own business and claim you are an expert at what you do. Confidence I didn’t have for a long time so my motto became #fakeit.

None of us are experts at this thing called life no matter how much we claim we are so to some degree we are all just experts at faking it.

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