Social Media Services

We understand that your company’s success in social media requires a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and their journey throughout all stages of the buying cycle. We specialize in crafting targeted, high-quality content that serves to attract, engage and even converts customers as they factor their social relationships into their purchasing decisions. A successful social media strategy ties outcomes to overarching business goals and connects you with the right prospects and customers on the proper platforms. It engages your loyal fans, friends, and followers through a combination of organic and paid media. Our social media marketing experience at spans all of the major social networks and a variety of niche sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Social Media Strategy

We’ll carry out an audit of your current presence on social media platforms, along with a competitor analysis. Armed with the current landscape, we will design a social media strategy tailor made for your business. We help business owners understand their social media objectives and how to set SMART goals. As part of the service, we will create a calendar of posts and campaign ideas to help you deliver your vision. With all Strategy packages we:

Define your Objectives
Identify Target Audiences
Clarify Key Messages
Identify the Priority Social Media Platforms
Create a Content Plan for each
Allocate Roles and Responsibilities
Identify Training Needs

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Social Media Management Plans Tailored to Suit your Busines

TSN manages social media accounts for businesses in a range of industries from Agriculture to Finance and E-commerce to Brand Management. We understand it’s hard for business owners to stay abreast of all the changes that occur on social media platforms and this is where have built their expertise and their business. Packages include:


Initial Consultation

Either face to face or shared screen, we’ll have an informal discussion around what you would like to achieve through social media. We’ll get a feel for how you would like to be perceived, what your expectations are and the kind of people you would like to be social with on social media..

Evaluation of your Social Media Presence

We’ll look at your current social landscape; your pages, your audience and your competition.

Plan your Social Media Approach

Armed with the insights from our initial consultation and Evaluation, we will lay out the first 3 months of your new social media campaign.

Set up & Optimise your Social Media Accounts

Now we’re ready to execute our preparation, we will ensure that all your social touchpoints are optimised and where appropriate, set up new social pages.

Design posts

We will create the postings based on content you have on your website and from related websites with the purpose of generating social media shares and interactions.

Finding new targeted followers

We will discuss about your business objectives and adjust our social media campaigns to be aligned with your goals. In addition to increasing your followers we aim to find new followers that matter and add value to your business. Once we have found them we will say hi, you know, ‘get social’ :)

3 months Plan

Jacinta loves a good plan and Kat loves a bit of research. We will ensure we have a strategy in place for 3 months to help you achieve your goals.

Facebook Advertising Management Agency

Use Facebook advertising to spread the word about your brand, products or services. Facebook Ads can drive traffic, generate leads and increase website conversions. This can be a standalone service or alongside a page management campaign. Services include:

Promoted FB Posts
Reach & Brand Awarenesss
Remarketing Campaigns
Targeted Demographic Campaigns
Dynamic Product Ads (eCommerce)
Lead Generation Ads
Local Awareness Campaigns
Custom Audience campaigns
Conversion Tracking Setup
Business Page Optimization
Custom Facebook Ads Per Month (Setup & Optimization): 4
Number of Monthly Ads (Setup & Optimization): 4
Campaign Setup Fee (Once Off): €400
Monthly Management Fee:
Ad Spend Below €3K -> 30% of spend
Ad Spend Above €3K -> 20% of spend

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Social Media Support

So, you’re pretty good on your social media accounts (or have somebody doing it for you that is) but you can’t help but think if you had someone on hand who knew what they were doing that you could pick up the phone to you would get that bit more out of it?

‘Hi - we’re, and we’d love to be that voice on the other end of the phone who can iron out some of those small things that can waste hours when you don’t know what you’re doing!’

From only €50 per month (3 month term), we’re sure you’ll see the value in this service very quickly!

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